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Mar 11, 2018
Nov 25, 2017
great girl. very fun and exciting
Oct 30, 2017
such a sweet hot thing. Great eyes. always fun
Oct 17, 2017
A beautiful horny real young woman! Enjoy!!!
Aug 30, 2017
Every time we are together it is amazing babe. Thank you so much! xoxoxoxo
Jul 15, 2017
Great mouth, julia deepthroats like a champ. Stunning eyes too
Jul 10, 2017
Jan 13, 2017
I am so happy and excited you are back with me~!!! Kiss you everywhere. Xoxoxo
Aug 25, 2016
You cannot imagine how happy I am to see you back love. Kiss. We will be together soon. Xoxoxoxoxo
Nov 16, 2015
you are amazing julia!!!! xoxoxo
Aug 31, 2015
You are absolutely amazing my sweet. I will cum for you soon. Cum and cum and cum for you. xoxoxoxo
Aug 21, 2015
Jun 27, 2015
As always, you are so beautiful and sweet. You are amazing and truly my dream girl. Kiss you slowly every inch of you Julia my sweet. xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoo
Jun 25, 2015
May 28, 2015
Julia you are absolutely indredible babe! So beautiful I am amazed. I want to kiss you all night long. Among other things. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo ;-)
May 03, 2015
BEST FUCK EVER!! I was lost in those eyes!! You have captured my heart beautiful!! I'll be back for the encore once i recover!!! YOU ARE JUST TOO SEXY TO MISS!!!
Apr 08, 2015
Apr 02, 2015
You are amazing Julia! MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm Kiss you so deep babe. xoxoxoxo
Mar 20, 2015
Julia you are so amazing baby!! Kiss you very very deep and over every inch of you. xoxoxoxoxoxo
Mar 07, 2015
Jan 05, 2015
Dec 12, 2014
Amazing as always!!! Kiss you deep Julia. xoxoxoxo
Dec 02, 2014
best smile I've ever seen. very friendly, very sexy, and very accommodating.
Nov 25, 2014
Oct 24, 2014
very nice seeing you cum twice love ANDY USA32
Sep 22, 2014
simply awesome!!!! kiss
Sep 17, 2014
WOW finally again loved cumming with you ANDY USA32
Sep 08, 2014
very happy girl and relieved stress so vibrant x
Sep 03, 2014
Jun 30, 2014
Wow, that's all I can say. You are dynamite, why don't you live in London?
Jun 29, 2014
mmmm such great body, like the red sexy underwear oh my soooo good love ass, tits and pussy
Jun 24, 2014
Amazing amazing amazing! Thank you babe!!! xoxoxo
Apr 29, 2014
Sweet Julia is so sweet in more ways that one. Unbelievably sensuous, beautiful and sweet. An amazing dream to be with you. xoxoxoxo
Apr 22, 2014
So beautiful. So amazing! Delicious!
Apr 05, 2014
The most beautiful girl of all!!!! Delicious!
Apr 01, 2014
Julia, You are so sweet, so sexy and oh so beautiful. I love being with you babe. Kiss you very deep! xoxoxoxo
Mar 27, 2014
Mar 14, 2014
You are my dream! mmmmmmmmmmmm Kiss
Mar 13, 2014
Absolutely the best!! Love being with you Julia. You are sweet, very sensuous and gorgeous.
Jan 22, 2014
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Amazing!!!
Jan 18, 2014
Dec 15, 2013
The most beautiful eyes i ever seen! Fantastic girl. Gorgeous!
Dec 15, 2013
The most beautiful eyes i ever seen! Fantastic girl. Gorgeous!
Nov 25, 2013
Being with you is better every time!! You amaze me.
Nov 12, 2013
Unbelievable! Just amazing. Gorgeous and sexy.
Nov 12, 2013
The best!
Nov 03, 2013
Simply put, amazing!!
Sep 14, 2013
Aug 07, 2013
Just great. She loves to cum and so do I.
Aug 02, 2013
Jul 24, 2013
Such a beautiful and sweet woman, thank you
Feb 08, 2013
Dec 15, 2012
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH you did everything I asked and to cum with you was great,love Andy
Dec 12, 2012
WOW JULIA you were so sweet and great,I loved every min with you Andy USA3
Dec 03, 2012
Very sweet and gorgeous. Also very sensual.!
Nov 15, 2012
Aug 27, 2012
Ice blue eyes ...
Aug 16, 2012
as good as it gets she's wonderful so beautiful too a 10+
Jul 21, 2012
she is the best lady on ifriends will do anythi8ng to get u off and I mean anything : )
May 20, 2012
Apr 06, 2012
such a cutie & so very sweet !
Mar 15, 2012
Julia is absolutely amazing! 1000% amazing! Best cam model on this site!!!!!!
Jan 01, 2012
Oct 18, 2011
May 19, 2011
julia is fun, sexy, and stunningly beautiful, in a hypnotizing way. she is my new virtual gf! :)
May 07, 2011
very staisfying performace mmm, great tits, ass, pussy, use of toy mmm i like you lots david
Apr 09, 2011
i really enjoyed my chat with julia. she is very nice, sweet, easy to chat with, beautiful with an awesome body too!! :-)
Apr 06, 2011
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