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Who am I?
Hi I'm Nina! A fun caring,genuine,outgoing girl with a big heart. Very receptive, with a dirty mind! Love exploring my sexuality ,expressing myself in every way possible. I relish in teasing and pleasing. Always with a smile, gracious personality. Great sense of humor. Can't wait to meet you!!!
Why I'm Here
The wonderful gentlemen, giving me the attention I crave. Also, meeting new and interesting online friends. A place, where I can truly express myself!
Talking Dirty, Being Watched, Passionate Kissing, Rubbing/Touching, Ass smacking, Being Man-Handled.
Being licked in the ear. Never saying bye before u leave.
My Favorite Things
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The Fault In Our Stars

Planet Earth

Like all colors.

Bvlgari Omnia

Fruit salad

Lemon Iced Tea

R&B, Oldies,Jazz,Rock

Any kind of smut books




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