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Who am I?
Not just any woman, a very special One..A Woman who cannot be overlooked in the crowd.With a sharp mind and a beautiful body .In character, in manners, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.I admit i like being adored by strong men,and the weak ones.If "Pleasure"is the common word for u and me ,then u can say is ME what u are looking for..
Why I'm Here
because it's the perfect place to escape into a world of fantasy...love teasing and pleasing...love being admired and tips/gifts are a great way to show your adoration.. Don't hesitate to tip me for any request you have, I'm totally open minded and willing to try new things as long as I'm well stimulated;)
I love a guy who knows how to act like a real gentleman, tease me, spoil me and make me feel special during the time that we spend together...it's just something that a man should know how to do and do it...ahh and tips,gifts and any other form of appreciation...make my day and i will make sure you will get rewarded:)
2-3 mins show.I want us to play together..just because you want to see me naked doesn´t warm me inside....rushing doesn't reach me - it's just a 'show' - but, i'm happy to do it for you, baby - it is always more fun when we work on it together - always nice to end a private with a hug or good bye instead of the magic voice telling me you've gone away
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anything in 3D

reality shows


nina by nina ricci


green tea



tender touch



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