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Who am I?
I'm Jessica Stars (SeductiveGoddess1), Sophisticated and Expensive Femme Fatale , a symbol of glory, and greatness in the world of FemDom . Fetish Model of the Year 2016 (AWARD WINNER), Social Media Star 2015 (AWARD WINNER) and multiple nominations for Live Cam Model of the year in the last 3 years (AVN, XBIZ, LCA, YNOT), also nominee at XBIZ Awards- Web Star of the Year 2018
Why I'm Here
What do I want? Hm.... I want to affect you, I want to arouse you, to look inside of you and see what no one else can see: your most private fantasies...your most depraved secrets , I want to push your buttons, to change what you think, to reach out and touch you, to know you ! Then I want to make you do dirty, naughty, bad things!
I love money. Money money money...money. When mixed with sex, money becomes incredibly erotic to me. The more money you give me...the more turned on I get..This fetish for me is deeply rooted in power exchange and control. You drooling with your cock in one hand and your credit card in the other makes me so fucking wet it's crazy....
I don`t really find the energy to hate anything because that`s a waste of my precious time
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No space for my faves !

Prison Break

white, blue black

I like few...

chinese food, yummy

Hmm...Coffee ahaha (I don

good music

So many....

hehe ;) discover!!

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