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Who am I?
I'm Jessica Stars (SeductiveGoddess1), Sophisticated and Expensive Femme Fatale , a symbol of glory, and greatness in the world of FemDom . Fetish Model of the Year 2016 (AWARD WINNER), Social Media Star 2015 (AWARD WINNER) and multiple nominations for Live Cam Model of the year in the last 3 years (AVN, XBIZ, LCA, YNOT) . Right now up for Web Star of the Year 2018 XBIZ award, vote for me
Why I'm Here
What do I want? Hm.... I want to affect you, I want to arouse you, to look inside of you and see what no one else can see: your most private fantasies...your most depraved secrets , I want to push your buttons, to change what you think, to reach out and touch you, to know you ! Then I want to make you do dirty, naughty, bad things!
I love money. Money money money...money. When mixed with s*x, money becomes incredibly erotic to me. The more money you give me...the more turned on I get..This fetish for me is deeply rooted in power exchange and control. You drooling with your c*ck in one hand and your credit card in the other makes me so f*ck*ng wet it's crazy....
I don`t really find the energy to hate anything because that`s a waste of my precious time
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No space for my faves !

Prison Break

white, blue black

I like few...

chinese food, yummy


good music

So many....

hehe ;) discover!!

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