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Who am I?
I love to please members. I love to please boyfriends. I love to pamper, love to give blowjobs (my favorite and yes I swallow every drop). I sleep naked, and I am all natural. I have super nice nipples, and a super tight vagina. Nothing fake inside and out with me. Honest, sincere city girl.
Why I'm Here
I just really wanted to meet new people. I live in a city where you don't really get to meet to many people because everyone is always busy. That and I love getting naked, love meeting new people, and I love to have orgasms so this just seemed like a good fit. Its you ........the members that make this such a great fit for me. So please stop in and say hello.
Giving head turn me on. I absolutely love it.
Dishonest, arrogant men.
My Favorite Things
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My Favorite Food:

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Christmas Vacation

King of Queens


Wonderous by Michael Kor

Italian and Polish foods

Gin & Tonic

Top 40 music

The Millionaire Next Door



Reverse Cowgirl.

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