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Who am I?
Hi there!My name is Julia....I am 22 years old and am a college cutie...I am a real girl next door with lots of dreams and fantasies which I am willing to share with you.....I got long blonde hair, a smile to die for and gorgeous natural breasts....I may look innocent but trust me I do have my wild side! i love mistery...discovering new things ,always wanting for more.I can be all wild and crazy but I am also a good listener.But maybe u should try to get to know me yourself and see what kind of a gal I am
Why I'm Here
iFriends gives me the chance to express myself,in here i can be whatever i want and love sharing my fantasies.And also msut say I love teasing and the thought of a guy watching me really turns me on.:)
hot whispers into my ear,a hot massage,kisses all over my body and the list goes on:)
lies and misleading,rude guys that take everything for granted
My Favorite Things
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My Favorite TV Show:

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the sixth sense

two and a half men

red and black

hot couture givenchy

sea food

red wine

rock,jazz r&b





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