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Who am I?
Hey there! I'm Sasha...a smart, sweet & sexy Florida USA girl - born and raised. Curves in all the right places 34F-27-36. I never take myself too seriously and find humor and adventure in everything I do. I don't like to just keep the action in the bedroom! No matter whether I'm cage fighting, catching a wave or zip lining through a Costa Rican rainforest, I love an adrenaline rush and I love to get your heart racing as well!. Day to day I stay busy-- workouts, movies, theme parks & cooking.
Why I'm Here
Because I love to make new friends and to make people happy--whether it's to fulfill a fantasy or to just make you feel better after a bad day. I love to let loose, be goofy, and laugh and find it a wonderful surprise that people actually want to hang out with a dork like me! On the flip side, I do love showing off my body for you and want you to leave me having felt AMAZING with me. At the end of the day, IF you are a good boy, a smile on YOUR face is all I want.
Goofy, silly guys that can make me smile or even better roll on the floor laughing is the BIGGEST turn on! A smart, funny guy is better than the best looking guy in the world any day! Make me smile & I'll bake you some cookies. ;) I love unique fetishes and love to explore them with you. Cam2Cam is the best because I'm a huge voyeur. I have a nice round tight booty. If U love big tits, you're gonna love my HUGE 34DDD breasts...
Bad breath, wrinkled clothes, a dirty kitchen, and whiny R&B songs. The word "epic", abbreviated words, bad grammar & spelling. I really dislike people that are mean & rude to others. Also don't like untrimmed hair, B.O., and dirty shoes.
My Favorite Things
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Forrest Gump

The Killing

Aqua Blue

D&G Light Blue


Crown & Ginger

Rock, Pop, Indie & Oldie

thrillers, horror



SPH & Cuckold

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