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Who am I?
I am Vanessa,, Your naughty Nurse. I think girls like me are rare. I unit erotic sensual beauty with a strong intellectual capacity. In fact i read alot.. I try to be like her both spiritually and in pursuit of pleasure.
Why I'm Here
I met very interesting people here. I have many friends here.
I am a very BAD girl. I can be good ,but when i''m good, i''m good but...when i''m BAD i''m BETTER. My name is Vanessa and I like men who know TO SATISFY WOMAN,and make woman feel like REAL WOMAN. I never judge someone only by the look - that why i love to know a person . I like 1 on 1 CHAT, love to play and be NAUGTHY ,love to feel cock SLIDING in and out my moist P****, Love to bend Over and be FUCKED from behind. I love to try new things ,and every time i make love i discover more and more new things -(
I dont like rude man, man who like to use there control over woman.
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Amazing Race



Spicy :-)



Angels and Deamonds

Beeing happy

Beeing in love

ends in bed

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