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Who am I?
I'm Leigh I am very intriguing, seductive in more ways than one . My mind, eyes & body . I would love to meet you . I am a very down to earth person , love people, I love to play , and do I have a naughty side ! I love to please , and be pleased as well . I'm a southern girl! All natural , in everyway ! I've been told there is something to say about us ! Fun , sweet , caring & very playful . I want to make your desires come true. I can't get enough of you ! If I haven't tried it , I will ;) See you i
Why I'm Here
I love to fantasize about love and s*x. It is so exciting to meet you online, chat about your likes, dislikes, what turns you on. Knowing you are watching and wanting me gives me a thrill that helps me fulfill my strongest s*xual desires. I love to try new things !!! Here I am able to meet soo many guys from all over the world !!!I am a model for ifriends exclusively, I have been for years . So you have my full attention, one HD cam and one room , ;) my bedroom. I love excitement !! And I love to play!!
Smart, sensitive people with a sense of humor and they know how to treat a lady. Shoping and buying very s*xy lingere. Walking through the forest and enjoying nature. Bubble baths with music and candles. Being naked and having hands massage my body. Knowing that you want me! When we chat , I get to see you not just your screen name , and I love getting to know the real person !! Very s*xy!!!
mmmm ... not too much but I guess the one thing that turns me off the most is rude and people who are not very nice. I love honest , words mean things and they stay with you , when you talk and chat I will remember the good and the bad . When I was a little girl I remember my grandmother saying honey if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all .
My Favorite Things
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The Notebook



Coco Chanel

Sushi/ Fruit /Raw Veggie

Merlot/ Champagne


Fifty Shades of Gray

Passionate kisses


s*xy lingere

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