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Who am I?
I like all the things that girls of my age enjoy; jewelry, nice clothes, dancing all night at the disco, travel, night clubs, and going to the beach!
Why I'm Here
I love performing LIVE in front of my HD Sony camcorder. I get very turned on by having others watch me LIVE in situations that normally is only done in the privacy of my home. Having men cum LIVE videochat drives me wild , I love it !!!
I love being watched by men and masturbate in front off my camcorder.I love kissing,anal and playing with my sextoys,
Rude people, people who ask for my phone number, or people who think because I work on cam I am a prostitute in real life - I AM NOT - SO PLEASE DO NOT ASK TO MEET ME.
My Favorite Things
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The wedding crashers

America Next top model


Ralph Lauren Romance

Pink Mushroom soup!

white wine

dance music

fashion magazine

skin on skin


to many to tell

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