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Who am I?
Beautiful, sexy, exotic, charming, captivating smile, sweet and naughty at the same time, a real goddess that loves sex and that is always looking for fun! A real adventurous girl ... wanna be my naughty adventure right now? lol
Why I'm Here
It's simple !!! I love iFriends because just here I can show who I truly am as well as express myself in different ways, specially in a sexual way. Besides, I'm an adventurous girl and I love meeting new people, getting to know new sensations and show to the world how special, sexy, hot and interesting I am. I'm sure here I can overcome all the people's expectations and show that I am the girl you are looking for !!!
Well, what really turns-me-on is someone smart that knows how to talk and be special in different ways. He needs to be happy, natural and sexy in his way of talking !!! I also love to be touched and I love making sexy slowly, enjoying each moment and working, at same time, each part of his/mine body !!!! Ops, I can't forget: I love using my IMAGINATION !!! XOXOXOX
Turn-me-off ? For me, is enough to turn-me-off when someone doesn't know how to touch me and only cares for himself. I don't like doing things in a hurry as well. I also don't like the rude ones. He needs to be gentle and respect my limits. n rk sam
My Favorite Things
My Favorite Movie:

My Favorite TV Show:

My Favorite Color:

My Favorite Fragrance:

My Favorite Food:

My Favorite Drink:

My Favorite Music:

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My Favorite Hobby:

Hard to tell.Love movies

No favorite


The delicate ones

Soup ... hmmmmmmmmm

Water and natural juices

Old songs (like the 80's

It's gonna be alright

Being FREE

Adventure and Adrenaline

Sex ... lol

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