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Who am I?
Hello I.m Amy, If you really want to know me better - talk to me. I am sweet, friendly, understanding, VERY SENSUAL, romantic, sexy, VERY openminded, positive woman from Russia with love. Try to make me feel special and you will be surprised with my talent to make you very special and comfortable with me not only in sex. Someone who is very important to me called me as "total package woman". I like to have some fun on here and it is really good to find some special connection with you... I like t
Why I'm Here
I like that type of mans who knows to impress me with they re smart mind, sexual seduction , kinky mind , submissive fantasies, gifts.
An intelligent men who know how to treat a woman right!!
Hard to turn me off, I usually ignore the things what i dont like and people who try to turn me off !
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Pretty Woman

Victoria's Secret Fashio



Red whine


Memoirs of a Gheisha



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