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Who am I?
Hello, my name is Bruna Campos. Some like to call me Bruninha (especially my friends here in Brazil) *_*.... I am a simple girl looking for some dreams and i have 4 passions in life: 1) Sex 2) travel (specially for beach) 3) All animals (specially dogs and my dogs) 4) Music (Rock music, like Led Zeppelin, The Doors... all old rock )... I love to talk and meet new people, specially make new "colorful friends" (here in Brazil is that way we say about friends with some benefits ... ;)
Why I'm Here
Well ... I just love meeting new people . I like to talk and entertain them too ...;)! It's good to know that after a long day ... any man looking for fun ... and that's what I want ... make your day a little better ... either with words or fun ... On the other hand I love sex .... lol ... is very good to know that someone on the other side want my body .. or simply to relax in my company! ;)
mmm...Intelligent man with sense of humor is everything! These men make me feel comfortable and that's what I like ... I can be myself! I like men who worry about pleasing a woman because i love to please a man educated! I think that sex has to be an exchange of feelings and emotions mutual ... you give me your pleasure and I give you the sky! mmmm.... ;)
That kind of man who is only concerned with his own pleasure ... as if you were not a human being! Only an object of pleasure. But this man needs someone to teach him how it feels good to share feelings and emotions ... because I cant believe that there are people like this ... ahhhh ... and those who go away and not say anything .... I also dont like
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ALL foods , can be? lol

Caipirinha, beer, wine

Rock n Roll

Sofia's world


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