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Who am I?
I am a Midwestern American sweetheart and pleaser!! I LOVE to know what makes you tick! I am happy to play out your fantasies, fetishes, and will keep your deepest desires our little secret . ;) If it is an intense conversation, I will draw you in with my sexy voice and quick wit. If you desire a playful, mutually satisfying time, I have plenty of toys to get the party started! I enjoy sex immensely. Because I find so much enjoyment in my partner's pleasure, I am eager to indulge your requests. ;)
Why I'm Here
I love what IFriends has done for me. I have a lot of fun meeting new people, meeting up with my online friends, and making sure we all have a good time!! ;) Because I'm a private exhibitionist, having the undivided attention of someone watching me is a huge turn on for me. Other turn ons for me is to be able to watch your cam and hear you on the phone. To be able to hear and/or see you amplifies our experience to such an intense level... and nothing makes me happier than a HUGE smile on your face!
Gentlemen, courtesy, cologne, humor, and of course...compliments :-)
Arrogance, disrespect, bad breath and dirty fingernails
My Favorite Things
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Good Will Hunting

I rarely watch t.v...

Pink, Black, & Silver

Coffee, Bonfire, & Men


Water, Lemon Water, Coffe

Rock n' Roll, Baby!

My cookbooks

Riding waves

Being happy!!

Corvette - Vroom, Vroom!

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