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Last Online: Over a month ago
Last Online: Over a month ago
Who am I?
My ultimate dream is to earn my degree in nutrition. My shorter term plan is to become a yoga instructor! Some of my hobbies include; running, rock climbing, camping, hiking, reading, writing, and sex! I enjoy much pleasure with myself on a daily basis and would love to share that pleasure with you too. So come visit!!! =)
Why I'm Here
Besides the obvious reasons, I am here for your pleasure, as well as mine! Ifriends is a wonderful way for me to fully embrace my sexual wants and has also inspired new fantasies.
I love being submissive. Being bossed around the bedroom really gets me going, but I have found that words can be far more alluring to my sexuality than anything physical, with that being said, I take much pleasure in deep, hard penetration, anal beads, and powerful vibrations. All these things coupled with some dirty talking or some good role playing fun will leave me dripping wet with anticipation.
I'm pretty open minded. So please do share your thoughts. I doubt I would take offense
My Favorite Things
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Chia, Kombucha


Agatha Chritie

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