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Who am I?
Hello there! My name is Dani and I am a sexy young Lady,with a twisted personality! I am romantic and loving ,very caring and sweet.Love to get to know you and understand all your needs and fantasies,to see you live on cam is a big turn on for me! I`m incredibly seductive and love to tease you with my hot body and outfits! Sweet Classy and Sexy with a raw touch of lust for fetish ,my Domme side will kneel you! See you in! kiss
Why I'm Here
To be with you.You complete my day!
I get turned on by guys who know how to have fun! I don't like to be rushed, let's just enjoy the moment and we'll have a great time together!My biggest turn on is a guy who isn't afraid to ask or tell me what his fantasies are... and of course kissing! I have a dom side, and love to be SPOILED as well;)! I love a sense of humor, manners and a talented tongue.Although I love to be touched and teased! I also love confidence, honesty and intelligence,compliments will get u everywhere, eye contact& generosit
BE NICE,The way you are asking is the way your going to get it. And don't stick your tongue at me,I bite lol
My Favorite Things
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Game of Thrones

Black and red


Anything that I cook

Fresh juices&water

Sexy music,pop,dance,roc

Fans fantasies&minds

First kiss

Being in love

You,the unknown yet

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