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Who am I?
Hi, I'm Maia, looking for fun and cybersex. Hot dancing and oil shows, teasing, handbra, Dom/sub accessories and gadgets, ropleplay, and above all, lets see how you handle this personality :)
Why I'm Here
I'm the type of person that always wants to combine business with pleasure, so I can say I'm here to have fun of all sorts and make money at the same time.
bold men that take initiative, communicative people, men that are creative in bed.
incest/ child porn talk, people that can't take NO for an answer, aggressive/ possessive lovers.
My Favorite Things
My Favorite Movie:

My Favorite TV Show:

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My Favorite Food:

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Desperate housewives


light purple

Addict by Dior

beef and mashed potatoes

red wine with cola

pop, disco, dance, slow

I'd rather watch a movie



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