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Who am I?
Here i am ~Julss~true buxom girl! Lively, Jolly and hilarious web cam girl! I`ve been a webcam model since200X..!!! I`ve done tones of Boobs pics and videos! If i`d be a guy i`d be a "Boob guy one"!! The bigger boobs the deeper i fall in love with, lol, jk!! Enjoy the pics and videos inside my Fanclub!
Why I'm Here
nice place to meet people, to make friends, to be myself or play pretend. To be romantic or sexy or hot and steamy as the mood strikes me. Sometimes to be a sweet girl, and sometimes to show my wild side. I am a FUN loving girl. I love to meet new people, which is the reason I am on here.I’m not very good at thinking of things to say to people that I just met in public… I always end up saying something stupid and having them laugh at me because I get so nervous about what they’ll think,
I like people who I can occasionally have really deep conversations with, and at the same time joke around with them. I love heart to heart conversations, laughs and I am looking for a romantic man. Unattached and monogamous-minded, sophisticated, dynamic, athletic, intellectual, who loves Beer and fun!
Bad smells, broccoli, mean people, war, mildew, dirty bathrooms, mud on the carpet, angry talk.
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Comedies, romance

Modern Family, HIMYM


Montal Wild Pears


Rum Coke Ice

21 pilots


1st seconds after orgasm

Profound satisfaction


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