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Who am I?
Stylish, classy, elegant, tasteful, the expression of the finest refinement. I am intelligent, a bit perverted, carrying the terrible burden of having honey on my lips and the devil in my eyes, I am here to play with your mind, to taunt you, haunt you...to caress or to spank your body... Have you ever had a woman who made you feel your life belongs to her? If you prove yourself worthy, I will allow you to feel that exhilarating feeling in my presence. If not, you will be just another of my toys. :)
Why I'm Here
BDSM has been kept in the shadows for many years, a secret, a taboo. I am here to help you embrace the shadows inside, letting your cravings exposed at my feet and let yourself being guided to your transformation into the fag, the sl*t, the gay or the woman you`ve been dreaming of.
A challenge...and bending it to my will.
Idiotic behavior, hypocrisy, drunks.
My Favorite Things
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sultry black

Soleil Blanc By tom Ford

Italian cuisine


Buddha Bar

Wisdom of psychopaths by



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