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Who am I?
Hello! I am Audrey, a Natural Redhead, so expect fire and passion hidden behind my innocent looks:) *wink* I am a REAL girl next door, I am pretty down to earth, I love to have a good laugh and spend time with my friends and family, I enjoy all small pains and pleasures life can offer and I never get bored with it! And oh DO I have a wild or a DOMINANT side?? Oh yes!
Why I'm Here
Because its Fun! Otherwise where would I meet You?:)
Smart, humorous, tactful and respectful gentlemen. Someone who is educated and well brough up yet can be silly and funny. Humour is a must! Dont be afraid to open up and be urself, honesty has always been on top of things I like about guys. So relax, get comfortable and lets get to know each other better :-)
I hate wars, fascism, cruelty, aggression towards people and animals. I strongly dislike rude, pushy and bossy guys (unless its a roleplay *wink*). I believe that its all based on mutual respect, so lets just enjoy this special experience...
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Scent of a Woman, etc.



DKNY Be Delicious


'Diamonds are forever


Im a sucker for books!



Pierre Marcolini, Godiva

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