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Who am I?
I'm not the girl ur mother warned u bout,her imagination was never this good!! Sexy,Appealing & Exquisite w/a great Attitude.Tall Sensual Classy Engaging Dominant Brunette~Long Raven hair~long silky legs~Glamorous~Quick Witted Provocative Euro/British Indian Vixen. Delightfully Different! Tight Fit,Toned Hard body.Ur DDelight Caramel Goddess.If u enjoy Mind Stimulating conversation,Erotic Tease, Denial; Seduction,Mind Games & Playfulness..get to know me.Your Nawty lil online secret..Sapiosexual by nature .
Why I'm Here
The same reason why you're here... Or where else would i meet you ?! I adore mental stimulation. I'm Sapiosexual by nature. My erogenous zone ..would be between my .... Ears :)...Let's explore yours.... I find Intelligence the most sexually attractive feature.... wink*
A refined man that knows his way around a womans body, someone that is deep,bright and passionate! Gentlemen that are established in both their personal and professional lives and who are mature enough to put discretion at the forefront. Im drawn to intelligence and find that the most erogenous place is between a man's ears♥♥
Rude arrogant people..with Inappropriate Behaviour. None of the pretentious, coldness that is so often encountered on the net, My attitude depends on the appropriateness of your att*tude of course. .
My Favorite Things
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Schindler's List

CSI/Med Detectives

Engine Red, Pink, Silver


Sea Food/Mediterranean

Natural fruit juices

Hip Hop/Latin Amer/R&B

My Fetish - too many

multi orgasm

love, laughter,happiness

ask me to find out...

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