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Who am I?
Hey everybody:) My name is Rachel. I'm a sweet girl with a wild side, your typical girl next door. I'm classy and sexy, and friendly and smart.LOL .And also crazy,funny,a very nice company,no matter what your mood is :P
Why I'm Here
This is a great place where i can meet interesting people, have fun, laugh,dance and do whatever i like, in other words to be myself!:)
What turns me on?Let's see... i suppose that every girl likes interesting men who know how to treat us,to know what words to say when he have to, and make us feel like we are the most important thing for them. :P ... and the most important thing-they have to respect us...
When people expect me to read their mind. I wish I was psychic, but I'm not. So please tell me that way we can enjoy our time together.Rude or mean people and beggars.I am not here to indulge you in free chat. I will be respected here and treated like a lady, and I will respect you as well. If not, I will kick and ban your ass so fast, you won't see it coming.
My Favorite Things
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My Favorite Emotion:

El laberinto del fauno

the walkin dead:)

light sky blue

chanel chance



soulfull house,electro

Ulysses by J.Joyce


be happy

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