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Last Online: Over a month ago
Last Online: Over a month ago
Who am I?
Here to make you weak in the knees. Express who you really are&try all the things you've always felt restricted to try. -Ifriends best kept secret breaking all the rules-Lebanese~lust-Devine feminine enchantment for male hypnosis- Rare desert jewel gracefully charming snakes~Many mystifying talents with teasing tantric touch-Appreciate mindless self indulgence for the opposite(or same)sex-The goddess&the gentlemen-Our own domain of happiness awaits-L
Why I'm Here
Like a genie in a bottle ..you gotta rub me the right way-If you love hot outfits .. come make a wish !!!Step inside my magic carpet ride-A world of ultimate harem seduction I can only share with you here -Evolving together mesmerizing your mind so i can take control &play inside .The scent of sensuality ,so powerful Hypnotizing .This places proves, that some of the greatest connections are found in the most unexpected places A mystery here allures me, is like the secrecy of being blind folded with amo
I think being attractive is about the way you talk and think. Something special about someone who makes you laugh. Fun outgoing personality always adds to everything- Gives that openness to share secrets -I also love to be in control and kinky at times. Experienced but also ready to be amazed by new things .. fun to mix things up sometimes ..The best is being treated like a lady and with respect . A little care and thought from anyone goes along way !!
Rudeness & rushing..... beautiful sensations are meant to be enjoyed ! Like anyone else I prefer some good company ,the more comfortable we are with each other the better time we will have together .......
My Favorite Things
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Dream of genie

colorful girl:)


Forbidden fruit

Gin&Arak'El Massaya



keep rubbing



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