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Who am I?
I am a sensual ,powerful ,independent and confident woman. You will have the privilege of an attentive goddess,classy ,sexy and more than little wicked who listens to your confessions and genuinely enjoys teasing you , seduce you , conversing with you. You`ll see , you`ll conquer , you`ll cum .. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @Cheeky2088
Why I'm Here
I love sex. I love to share my passion and explore my sexuallity. I have so much fun being here and meeting new people - chat,laugh,flirt, have fun and lots of pleasure:)
Lip biting - Ass grabbing - Hair pulling - Hand guiding - Having me up against the wall - Kissing my neck - Teasing me -Love bites
Pretty much nothing but being rushed and disrespected. Im not in a race..make me feel comfy and Im all yours, Im here to please you ;)
My Favorite Things
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My Favorite TV Show:

My Favorite Color:

My Favorite Fragrance:

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My Favorite Emotion:

Fifty Shades of Grey

The Young and the Restle

Black, Yellow, Pink..

SI by Giorgio Armani

Fresh salads,sushi

coconut water,fruit juic

Erotic Chillouts

The Secret

Sleep, sex, running.

Happiness :)

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