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Who am I?
I am a sensual ,powerful ,independent and confident woman. You will have the privilege of an attentive goddess,classy ,s*xy and more than little wicked who listens to your confessions and genuinely enjoys teasing you , seduce you , conversing with you. You`ll see , you`ll conquer , you`ll c*m .. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @Cheeky2088
Why I'm Here
I love s*x. I love to share my passion and explore my sexuallity. I have so much fun being here and meeting new people - chat,laugh,flirt, have fun and lots of pleasure:)
Lip biting - *ss grabbing - Hair pulling - Hand guiding - Having me up against the wall - Kissing my neck - Teasing me -Love bites
Pretty much nothing but being rushed and disrespected. Im not in a race..make me feel comfy and Im all yours, Im here to please you ;)
My Favorite Things
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My Favorite TV Show:

My Favorite Color:

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My Favorite Food:

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My Favorite Emotion:

Fifty Shades of Grey

The y*ung and the Restle

Black, Yellow, Pink..

SI by Giorgio Armani

Fresh salads,sushi

coconut water,fruit juice

Erotic Chillouts

The Secret

Sleep, s*x, running.

Happiness :)

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