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Who am I?
I do not categorize myself, but you can call me Mistress Emily - simultaneously the nicest Lady & meanest domme you'll ever meet.
Why I'm Here
Internet. Is. Soooo SEDUCTIVE. It gives you access into worlds, that you can never normally be given access to... On iFriends you can hang out with real & unique people ANYTIME you like. Literally. 24/7. You do learn interesting things all the time. What I enjoy the most is the special chemistry between me & someone else, when we are many miles away.
I love, when a member allows me to see his personality, not just a screen name. This is when all true fun begins :)
When only words a guy uses are "ok", "yes" and "no". It makes me feel like an opinion poll, not a girl. To make it click, both have to show interest. Then it's much more fun. As for rudeness, well, every word you say in my videochat - will go thru me and leave its mark. You are what you are, and marks will match. You are the one who decides whether I remember you with a smile on my face or not remember at all.
My Favorite Things
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As good as it gets.

Modern family.


Tom Ford Cafe Rose


Coffee. Forever.

Depends on my mood!

Ask me.

Inner harmony

Laughter. No doubt!))

Watching movies :)

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