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Who am I?
Intelligent and powerful Lady, enters a world of lust and debauchery, power and the passionate desires of BDSM practices. Experienced and skillful. I love different things and I like pleasure. To tell you in two words who I am - impossible. You want to know, then I'll wait for you...
Why I'm Here
I like the idea of having an unlimited amount of people from all over the world to introduce myself to! I''ve only been live a short while here at IFriends and already have met loads of great, friendly people! *update* It is simply getting better and better! I love it!lately I find it really cool to talk to people from different places and learn all about them. A lot of the people I have been talking to online turn out to be older guys, I guess I’m kind of curious about that kind of relationship,moreover
if you like GREAT TIGHT A** - my room is for you!!I promise you LOT of FUN and QUALITY! I am a very open person in bed. YES!! I like girls too! My fantasies have no limits! I like a guy to have intelligence and sex appeal as well as being romantic! Confident, out-going and genuine are all important traits! As you know (or will soon find out) I LOVE to chat, so a good listener is a must! Add all the above together and you have one very happy. Holding hands while walking along the beach.Deep wet kisses. Watc
Unreliable and self absorb individuals who lack directions in life.I Do not subscribe to the notion that evryone is as pure as a driven snow.I hate plastic personality.Cruel, Rude ,Jealous ,Tasteless people.,Racismn,Closemindedness does not have a place in my book. Lazy lovers..Boring conversations makes me fall asleep easy !some boys dont know how to treat a girl.If you're the rude type who hangs up mid conversation because your panties get in the knot-dont bother calling me at all.
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Hot sake /Pink lemonade

R & B/Club/Classic/Rock

Harry Potter

Soft Skin touch.Kisses



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