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Last Online:

Describe the moment when you first discovered Amateurs. Who told you and how did you find out?
What was your first reaction when you heard about Amateurs?
Do you have any friends who are chathosts on Amateurs?
Do you ever hang out with other chathosts and talk about the fans and what you do?
Did you really think you would be performing to literally millions of Amateurs viewers all over the world?
Do you tell your friends and family about your life on Amateurs?
How does it make you feel knowing people all over the planet want to see you?
Tell us how appearing on Amateurs has affected your life.
The biggest thing we want to know is what sort of person you like to date?
Would you ever date any of your fans from Amateurs if you thought he or she was your perfect match?
What are some of the things viewers say on Amateurs that most turn you on sexually?
What are some of the things viewers say on Amateurs that make you want to know them better personally?
When you weren’t performing, have you ever thought of a fan while having sex?
What is the wildest thing you’ve done for your fans on Amateurs?
What are you thinking about when you are performing for a fan?
Boxers or Briefs?
Facial Hair or Shaven?
Thin or Muscular
Shy or Assertive
GM or Porsche
Tom Selleck or Tom Hanks
Romantic or Raunchy?
Dog or Cat?
Hot 'N' Sweaty or Cool 'N' Slow?
Peanut Butter: Crunchy or Smooth?
Me First or Partner First?
Spit or Swallow?
Long or Wide?
Energetic or Lazy?
Tattoo/Pierced or No tattoos/piercings?
Virgin or Experienced?
Beach or Mountains?
Jeans/T-Shirt or Suit?
Real Ones or Fake Ones?
Love or Sex?
High Class or No Class?
Quiet or Noisy?
Lips or Tongue
Leather or Lace?
Mind or Muscles?
My Place or Their Place?
The Floor or The Kitchen?
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